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name: Brad

city: Lancaster

state: PA

Hello, I am a cdl driver with 6 months of experience driving for a company I had a rollover back in february I am trying to get back into driving( I gave a couple months due to recieving a reckless driving ticket failure to maintain control) with the reckless driving ticket I went to court in April this year and I was found not guilty by the judge aand the state trooper I recieved the ticket through recommended that the judge dismiss the ticket. I was fired by the companyin March by the safety department. I have no tickets now. I am having trouble finding a new driving job can you recommend me to another company? I sure would like to go back to driving and would appreciate the help. the closest one I could find was Navajo Transportation after a whole year from the accident

Brad grab that JOB with Navajo.  I believe 99% of the companies out there will NOT touch you with a roll over, let alone a reckless driving. Remember when you tell them about your previous experience, the company  will tell prospective companies all about the roll over.  Its not like a tornado picked you up and threw you down. It sounds like you were going to fast or did not have control. Not many companies out there looking for fast drivers out of control. I’m sorry to tell ya this but if you have someone offering you a job, GRAB IT. Just like a lot of them woman round here. “Once you roll them over it’s the beginning of the end”

Good luck




name: Butch

city: Burlington

state: Vermont

question: Had a rollover accident 12/2006,How long does one have to

wait before it is off your DAC,an I cannot find anybody to hire me,any


Well first I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, my fault mega Brain Fart.

It really depends on circumstances as most companies will not hire you with a roll over (Your fault or not) for at least 3-5 yrs. It’s not right I had a rollover in a Gasoline transport when the road washed out under me at the Port. Your best bet is to talk to smaller companies that will listen to your story and take it for whatever it was. If it was your screw/up it won’t help, but if there were some specials things that happened it might. The other problem is if you haven’t been driving full time for past year, it’s like starting all over again, most larger companies will not hire you if you are not currently driving. (Back to the Little companies) Last but not least you might want to look at becoming an owner operator then you could hire or fire yourself it might be your best way to stay in trucken .

Good Luck Bubba


name: Joe


state: ky

question: i was driving for XXXX and they started taking money out of

my check and not sending me my check stubs so i quit. when i did that

they lied on my dac im trying to get it fixed do u know of a company

that will hire with 7 incedents 4 of which are preventable?

I wish I could say yes but I just Can’t.

Like the preacher that told his parishioners, It’s called preventable for a reason, so DON”T do it>

Most companies just won’t touch someone with that many preventables, in a short period I would believe as well. Not sure how long you been driving but if you have some years of experience you might be able to find a little outfit that will hire you, pay will suck but they might hire you. You need a lot of years clean of accidents and tickets.

Good Luck Bubba  ( Sorry for delay in response)




city: Greensboro

state: Alabama

question: Wat trucking jobs hire with 1year old duo

I guess I’m like the bill collector “Always lots of BAD news”

The short answer is none that require you to be behind the wheel. For the most part all companies have a no DWI in last 7-10 years. This is not just in CDL world, any company that you might be behind the wheel of a veh will not be able to use you (Insurance requirements)  Wish I had better new but just don’t.

Good Luck Bubba



city: Washington

state: DC

question: How long does it take for 7 preventables to get off your sac and mvr.

Well to be honest, if you had   7    preventable s you need to look into another field of work. . These really never go away and with the new DOT regs could be with you for a long/long/long time. I assume you have not been working so you need to prove 12 months of concurrent driving as of now.

Sorry guy but”7″  any company that gets wind of you won’t even let you drive your car in their yard.



name: Mark

city: Memphis

state: tn

question: Ok my question is:I have a preventable accident on my dac from usa truck however I wasn’t a month later I get fired for a company policy(un notified rider) now my dac says I got fired for the accident. Can I fight this off my dac?

It is kinda what it is. Doesn’t matter if you got a ticket or not, if you had a preventable accident they have every right to put it on your DAC. They could also put the un-notified driver on there if they wanted too. You can talk to services like but I’m not sure if they can get something that really happened removed. It does suck that these companies do this.My best advise is give them a call and get their opinion on fighting it (DACFIX) it can be expensive, it will also depend on what the preventable was. Good luck



name: brenda

city: lebanon

state: tn

question: my husband dropped  trailer on company yard they let him go

and put 3 preventables on mvr record how long will it take to come off

no one will hire him now been out of work for 8 months now

Brenda: A dropped trailer is bad but should not end things. The other 2 preventable are a problem. 3 preventable accidents kinda says he has some issues. Driving is very much a profession today even if they don’t pay us that way. Most companies see that record and they think he is a bad risk. Has he been driving long, cause if he is a new driver and has that kinda record he will not find much for years. Its all about preventing loss for these companies. His best bet is find a small company that might try him or find another guy with a truck who is willing to team drive with him. He needs to get some accident free miles under his belt. Wish I could be of more help.



Havn’t you ever made 1 mistake



city: Canton

state: Georgia

question: I got a dui in my personal vech. almost 3 years ago. I have a class a cdl. What companies will hire me? Driving is all i have done for the past 20 years. This is the only infraction on my driving record in 20 years.

Who will hire me?

Scott: You know I wish I could tell you  No Big Deal it was a mistake and they will forgive ya. But it aint so. For 5-7 yrs after a DWI None of the Big Boy companies will hire you. It makes no sense but they break under pressure from the insurance companies. Its just the way it is.

My advise is to look for a small company or owner operator to work with. Now it won’t be painless you will need to offer to help pay the insurance up charge for hiring you, but just might be your only shot. You have a good record other than that and you just might get a shot at getting back in the saddle. (The truck seat for those of you with dirty minds)

Good luck Bubba

Guilty by association


name: edgar

city: bainbridge

state: ga


hey bubba i love driving trucks but recently in 2010 while working for western express out of nashville tn i got call to the yard after i unloaded in al near our yard i had went out dat nite with sum friends dat smoke but i dont the next monin dey gave me a shory run came bac n told me to do a random so do a run from al to ga n call and said fail drug test so i resigned bout two months later i got a job at amx in al and drove for dem for eight months and dey call me in bout fail test on dac i wanted to ask is dere any way i could get back in a truck again trucking in my blood ed thannks

Damn man: You don’t have much to work with here. A failed drug test is like sleepen with your sister-in -law it aint never worth it. It is just a flat out NO for most insurance companies, it;s even worse than a DWI for many. Maybe as owner operator with your own authority, but still gota make sure the insurance people will let ya. Most any transportation company will “Just say NO” only other shot would be with some small outfit. Your kinda branded for the next 5-7 yrs bud, sorry.



name: Texas Jade

city: Dallas

state: Tx

question: My husband had a accident last year in Nov. coming off a bridge entering a frwy.  The truck stalled which made the wheel hard to turn. Needless to say the truck rolled over. No injuries accept for to himself. The company ended up releasing him from employment and put it on his DAC as his fault.  No tickets given – police showed up at hospital to give him his license back and to assure he was ok. There is another issue with another truck at a different location where they were in line to get to the dock.  The truck in front of him started backing up which in turned made him back up – there was a cop (who admitted to being in his blind spot) (no ticket issued) behind him – tapped the front of the car $100 to replace.  This is also on his DAC…is there any hope for his career.  The decks are really stacked against us as he is also a Texas Only driver.

Well there young lady I wish I could be more positive. A roll over is like a red flag to insurance companies. Most won’t touch you after that for at least 5-7 yrs. Maybe he could go owner operator but he would want to be sure he could get the insurance first. I know it aint great but it is what it is. It did happen so getting it off DAC just won’t happen. He might wana try talking to some small 1 horse companies or  local delivery stuff, sometimes they can get around some insurance stuff.

Sorry , Good Luck